Children’s maturity converges with many factors. But the most important factor is family

Eat fast and grow fast! Please keep your heart pure and innocent like this forever. Let your parents take care of everything else.

As you take each bite, know that each meal is a step toward healthy growth. Your childhood journey is a precious time, full of wonder and discovery. Cherish it to the fullest, enjoy every moment and let your laughter echo throughout our home.

Your innocence and purity are your greatest treasures. They are what make you unique and special. In a world that can sometimes be overwhelming, your pure heart shines like a beacon of hope and joy. Hold on to that innocence, my love, and let it guide you through life’s challenges.

Leave the worries of the world to us, your parents. Our job is to protect you, shield you from the storms, and provide a safe haven where you can thrive. We will take care of the burdens and stresses so you can enjoy the simple joys of childhood.

So, honey, focus on growing strong and healthy. Run, play and explore with the boundless energy that only a child has. Keep your heart open, your spirit free, and your mind curious.

Know that in your pure and innocent heart lies the power to inspire and uplift those around you. Your laughter, joy, and love are the greatest gifts you can share with the world.

We’ll always be here, watching over you and making sure you have everything you need to thrive. Eat fast, grow fast and let your beautiful soul be unaffected by the worries of the world. You are our greatest treasure and your happiness is our highest priority.

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Be Tien